Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The End of the Year...

My goal is doing good enough in English and also listening skills. So, when I learned in the ESL I really improved in Grammar and in listening skills. It helps me for study at the class and understand what teacher say. I didn't met at all. But i almost close with my goals. Mrs. Raisdana takes me until here and Blog post help me in so many things. Next goals will be speaking. In this year I tried to understand and look my sentences again and again. Also review the what we learned. I really improved in this year. I was not really good at listening and writing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final Task: Analysis

I chose my knitting a scarf topic because from the past I really want to knitting a scarf by myself for me. My essential question was why knitting is important to learn?  I chose this essential question because i need to know exact purpose why i knitting a scarf.

Knowledge is the part we research the source in any way and i chose the internet, Youtube and the biggest source was my mother. In the knowledge part, my criterion were E and D. The next one is Comprehensive. The comprehensive is i need to explained the materials the steps and compared the knitting style. My criterion are A.

My essential question's answer is Knitting a scarf is important because that is the one i want to try in my life and i will wear scarf when I go to the Korea in winter. If i make my scarf by myself it will really special to me and can imagine when I knitting a scarf.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UOI Interview With Mrs. Raisdana

1.) Can you describe some problems that you had when completing your tasks for this project? What did you do to try to solve them?

- I choose this question because, I want to show how i solve the problems

2.) Can you describe some things that you did well, and some things that you could have done better during the project?

 - I choose this question because, I did some well during the project. So, I can show the detail what I did for this project

3.) If you could re-do any part of your project so far, what would you change and why?

- I choose this question because, some part of my work i unsatisfied so, I can easily answer this question

1. I will review my UOI plan
2. Read the UOI plan from front until the end
3. Search what i need to imporve
4. Write on Text book what how i want to answer

I think i will do easy to answer those questions. Because I will prepared my answer  and practice how I will going to say it.

I did some prepare for my interview. First, I reviewed the UOI and search the answers of questions. Second, I summarized the answers matched with questions. Third I read them twice and analyze in my brain. I did well in my interview was even I embarrassed in that time, I didn't say something not match with the questions. But in the other hand, Honestly, I didn't well in interview than I prepared. Because I was really embarrassed when I started interview and Mrs.Raisdana asked the questions. So, I wasn't really analyze the answers.

Level 3: ApplicationESL

 My to do task was to knit my scarf and take photos each steps. I successfully knit my scarf. I knit this with my own skills. But i didn't knit as long as i want. I knit until half for showing. My challenge is knitting my scarf without any help except from my resources.

 1. This is the first starting for knitting

 2. There is two methods to knitting. 
One of them is front side knitting.
3. This is the other method of knitting.
It called inside knitting.
 Continue the front side knitting and inside knitting,
It will become pretty scarf :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The next level: comprehension

: Knitting needle and Silk

Knitting needle: This help to knit (very important material)
Silk: We can choose the colors of silk

Step of knitting
1. Put a string on the knit
2. Continue the knitting
3. Cut the string for continue the other color
4. Bind the other color of string with first string
5. Knit the string as same as first

Compare knitting a scarf and knitting a socks
- Knitting a scarf and knitting a socks have different. First, their knitting needle are not same. Knitting scarf needle has a long string for continue the scarf, but the knitting a socks needle hasn't any string with needle. It's looks like qutip. Also knitting a socks is more complicated than knitting a scarf.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unit of Inquiry, Week 1 Knowledge

I like this unit because I can learn what i'm interested in. If i have interested in this unit, i will do harder because i really want to learn. My topic is knitting a scarf and essential question is why knitting a scarf is important to learn.

My tasks for the knowledge level were
- Research how to make scarf
- List the the way of knitting (Kind of pattern)
- Ask for mother to help how to make scarf 

I research about step

First, put a string on the knit


Second, continue the knitting

   Third, cut the string for continue the other color
  Fourth, bind the other color of string with first string

Fifth, Knit the string as same as first.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome To My Unit Of Inquiry

During this Unit of Inquiry, what i am going to learn about is knitting. My essential question is why knitting is important to learn? The reason why i think important to learn this is, when i going to Korea in winter, i will need scarf for my health and also my well-being. The Area Of Interaction that this topic meets is humanlgenuity. I choose this Area because knitting is a making something. I am a visual learner, so i will most likely choose activities that are using eyes. Some activities that i will do to learn about this are researching video or asking for my mom. To start the Knowledge part of this unit, the activities that i will need to do are first researching about how to knitting and also researching the ways how to knitting. These activities will help me because i am a visual learner.